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Product What You Want To Achieve Selection
South African Unit Trusts Grow your money by investing in a unit trust fund that meets your individual needs.

Tax-Free Investment Use your tax-free investment allowance to grow your savings.

Offshore Unit Trusts Diversify your portfolio by investing outside of South Africa.

An offshore fund denominated in rands

While your investment is in a fund that invests offshore, the fund is domiciled in South Africa and gains are taxable here.

You won't need to use your annual foreign currency allowance.

An offshore fund denominated in a foreign currency

You would have to use your foreign currency allowance of up to R11 million per year. If your investment is larger than R1 million per year, tax clearance will be required.

Your investment will remain in an offshore account. For South African residents, gains will be subject to South African income tax. Please click here for more information.

Your decision would depend largely on financial and tax planning considerations. Consult your financial adviser for guidance on which investment would be best for your needs

Endowment Plan Save for a minimum of 5 years, creating wealth in a tax-efficient way.

Retirement Annuity A tax-efficient way to save for retirement.

Living Annuity Maintain your lifestyle once you've retired.

For more information, download Coronation's New Investor Welcome Guide